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Mega Basim that was founded in 1991 is not just a simple printing house, it is an “integrated” facility that has the capacity to offer all applications related with printed materials…

Mega Basim providing services in Haramidere in an area of 12.000 square meters continues its operations with pride knowing that 40% of the production is exported to  17 countries four continents across the world.


For every printing surface, closely follow the technology, , develop and implement ``customized`` solutions and conduct production ...


We represent the present and future of the printing sector with our quality principles, experience and consistent corporate culture.


  • To correctly understand, evaluate and respond to the feedback from our customers in the fastest way possible. Our commitments to realize this policy are listed below;
  • Comply with the legal regulations regarding consumer and customer rights,
  • Responding and finalizing all positive or negative notifications received by our company in accordance with the laws and company procedures,
  • Establish and maintain our customer satisfaction policy in all departments of our company,
  • Keeping our policy open to customers and related parties,
  • Comply with the conditions in the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System guide, to continuously develop and improve them.
  • We respectfully announce to our employees, customers and other interested parties.


  • Provide high quality service to the customers,
  • Work in accordance with the Quality Management System,
  • Comply with ethical rules and to be honest in all activities,
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction,
  • Continuous improvement and development of the system with the participation of all employees,
  • Being a pioneer in innovations in the sector,


Our group’s human resources policy in line with the goals and strategies of the group, by recruiting qualified manpower and supporting the professional, personal and social development of the employees; is to create staff with high level of knowledge, self-confidence and motivation, customer-oriented, honest, developed team spirit, hardworking and trusting the institution.

In parallel to this, it is aimed to reflect the personal and team performance to the corporate performance, to manage the information correctly and to continuously improve the processes by applying the “Value Added Human Resources” system and ensuring that the printing profession group works together effectively for the same goal.

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